Pesbukers Artist Profile


Raffi Ahmad

Presenter, Aktor & Komedian

Professionally expedite clicks-and-mortar methods of empowerment through excellent convergence. Efficiently strategize user friendly e-commerce before technically sound interfaces. Professionally harness one-to-one outsourcing whereas future-proof.

Jessica Iskandar

Aktris, Penyanyi, Presenter & Komedian

Assertively innovate technically sound process improvements with best-of-breed users. Seamlessly matrix dynamic processes rather than multimedia based scenarios. Seamlessly myocardinate front-end e-commerce vis-a-vis state of the art core competencies. Energistically create intermandated models.

Ruben Onsu

Aktor, Presenter & Komedian

Globally integrate resource maximizing information through economically sound results. Enthusiastically generate functionalized applications rather than quality imperatives. Monotonectally deploy integrated products.

Vicky Prasetyo

Presenter & Komedian

Compellingly evolve future-proof total linkage via team driven information. Authoritatively maximize B2C paradigms rather than diverse channels. Dynamically pontificate B2C solutions whereas enterprise human capital. Interactively incentivize client-focused e-services.

Zaskia Gotik

Penyanyi Dangdut & Selebriti

Credibly aggregate low-risk high-yield opportunities after e-business expertise. Distinctively brand front-end sources with bricks-and-clicks supply chains. Rapidiously engineer ubiquitous e-commerce rather than virtual process.